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questions :what is Himeji-jo?
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Honshu, Japan Midwestern industrial and commercial city. Hyogo genus. Ichikawa downstream in Himeji central plains. Population 449,000 (1986). Old Harima country's political center.

1346 fortification 1601 - 1609 alterations. To ground transportation, commercial development. 1888 of the railway lines have been accessible. 1889 a city. Before World War II textile, leather, chemical and other industries, wartime destruction. After the war (1960) Emerging Linhai Industrial Park, the industrial area of ​​a Harima. In the iron and steel industry (steel mills Hirohata), petroleum, electrical, chemical, machinery, food-based. Ancient city, rebuilt after the war, completed in 1964, as premium monuments, tourist attractions.

Himeji city's tourism industry developed, "Japanese national treasure," said the World Heritage Himeji Castle located off here. Teach west of Mount Hiei yuan Temple is also very well-known, there are many tourists from home and abroad to come to Japan.

Western Hyogo, Harima local (old Shikama county) city center. Specifically located Harima plain Midwest. Downtown areas Himeji City location Ji Hill, north of Guangzhou and enlargement of Weishan Mountain, northwest of the mountain there is writing. Sanyo Shinkansen, Sanyo Line and National Highway 2 runs through the city.

The climate is typical of the Seto Inland Sea climate, less rainfall.

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