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questions :The importance of song in French culture that Roland
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[Visitor (80.78.*.*)]answers [Albanian ]Time :2020-10-31
I know Ronaldo was a real brave man for France.
[Visitor (79.106.*.*)]answers [Albanian ]Time :2020-10-15
when the emperor reached ronkesvales none of them had survived and out of anger he crossed the border between france and rushed after the france soldiers and took revenge however the pain for his best soldiers and for his nephew rolandin did not separate you until sa vdiq
[Visitor (79.106.*.*)]answers [Albanian ]Time :2020-10-13
Rolandi was not brave he was doing in vain.
[Visitor (91.230.*.*)]answers [Albanian ]Time :2019-10-24
Roland was the nephew of great karl who was killed in a battle he fought and died saying to allah my god m3 forgive all the sins i have done since i was born until today
[Visitor (80.80.*.*)]answers [Urdu language ]Time :2018-12-06
very good
[Member (365WT)]answers [Chinese ]Time :2016-10-20
Say "Roland Song" is an open book, not to say that in the history of French literature before there have been no works. Between the 9th and the 11th centuries there were "Ode to Eulalie", "Jesus' crucifixion", "Saint-Léger", "Saint-Alexé" and so on. From the title, it can be seen that some of the The works of the moral sacredness of the disciples, the language is poor, far-fetched, although the writing is verse, but the whole preaching, not to mention the literary value.
In the Oxford manuscripts, the French popular language has made great progress, its structure, form and vocabulary has been able to bear the weight of long narrative.In the "Roland Song" can see a lot of juxtaposition sentences, simple images and metaphors, The psychological and intentional depiction of the characters, and the common duplication and exaggeration in the folk songs.With the spread of culture in various regions and religious fervor inspired by the religious struggle, this chapter describes the tragedy of the Long Saiwo tragedy, Is the eleventh and twelfth century spirit and characteristics of the times today read "Roland Song" contains three levels of conflict: 1, two worlds, two civilizations, two kinds of religious conflict.Christianity stands for goodness, justice and providence, while Islam stands for evil, injustice and evil..
2, the lords and the feudal clashes. Lords to support and protect the feudal lords, the feudal lords loyalty to the lord to death. A feudal lords can also allegiance to several lords; also can be both a lord of the feudal lords, but also another feudal lord.

3, the feudal clan and the clan between the conflict. Good feudal loyalty, heroic, aboveboard; bad fan unfaithful, timid, insidious. The norms of these moral acts were clear at the time, and there was no doubt in the hearts and minds of the Christians who were trembling with God.
"Roland Song" is a great medieval European epic, simple and honest. It was praised that it has a wide flow of Homer beautiful, Dante Hao bold and powerful pen. This, after all, is a thousand years ago works, there are all the characteristics of the Middle Ages. If you read from a historical point of view, today's readers will still think this is a remarkable masterpiece.
On the history of the two jihad, Christianity has Christian writing, Islam has Islamic writing, incompatible. "Roland song" is a Christian writing. When the Western countries to accept the Christian faith, all other faith in their The eyes are heresy, all hold other beliefs are pagans, which is not only the Arabs, including Slavs, Hungarians, Tatars, etc .. Jihad to go forward, the extermination of the pagans is the Christian mission , The enemy can be used as a redemption, people who believe in God invincible, for the martyrdom of the dead souls into heaven.When the author with a devout deliberate description of these values, but also exposed the Christian fanaticism, paranoia and cruel side..
French historian Paul Penghur has a book, the title is very interesting: "Ji Gongong is not a racist work? ". To "Roland Song", it seems that can not be counted, but also can be seen from all the religious crossed, distinguish between the enemy is a religion, not race and color. Once the Saracens converted, converted to Christianity, Christian has all the rights.
In fact, the author of Islam's vocal opposition, but it's doctrine and ritual performance of considerable ignorance.Completely Christian model to imagine: obedience to the only God of Allah's Islam also has the Trinity: Muhammad, Taiwa dry, Abram; never worship the gods of the Saracens also in the room for idol worship; The same armed forces, the same battle phalanx; even the King of Sarah in the fierce curse of Charlemagne, the same with the "anti-imperialism, DouceFrance "(douce a" cute "," mild climate "means, consider its meaning, the book translated as" rich France ", apparently the word used only in commendatory)..
Since ancient times, the development of various nationalities is by no means balanced, with the evolution of a nation is not linear. But just to modern times, talent slowly understand the fact that the world is multi-polar, three-dimensional, should not be confined to their own spiritual and operational constraints, everywhere self-centered, with flat eyes to see things. In fact, there are different worlds in the universe, with different, different in the same, this is probably the eternal existence of things in development.

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