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questions :Ekaterina II who is it?
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(Екатерина II Алексеевна), Ekaterina II and the Russian Leijk dynasty kinship, for the descendants of the Rick dynasty, formerly known as Sofia Fu Redrica Augusta,
Born in Prussian Stearin on April 21, 1729, he was the daughter of the Duke of Anhalt-Zell Bust, who was chosen as the fiancee of the throne Peter III in 1744. In 1745, she married and converted to Orthodox, In 1767, he convened a new code of drafting committee meeting, proclaiming the Queen's instructions, advocating open-mindedness, strict rule of law, equality before the law, and she wanted to improve But also because of the opposition of the nobility, and she has also changed the local administrative system and the judicial system, and the aristocracy has been strengthened and the living conditions of the peasants and the serfs have worsened from 1773 to 1775..November 6, 1796 died in the tsar village (now Pushkin City), the Russian Empire Queen, 1762 to 1796 reign..
Foreign policy, the three carved up Poland, Turkey to fight the Black Sea coastal areas, and annexation of the Crimea Khanate. After the death of Potting and Valentine Potter, her southward policy of rebuilding the Byzantine Empire was frustrated. Russia in this period has become the most powerful country in Europe. Ekaterina is known as the "Great", that is, the history of the Russian Empire, one of the two great emperors.

Personal background

    The emperor of the Russian empire

Personal profiles


    Sofia Fredrika Augusta

Country of Citizenship:
    Russian Empire


place of birth:
    Deutsche Szczecin
date of birth:
    April 21, 1729

Death date:
    November 6, 1796

    Christian Lutheran → Orthodox Church

other information

Major achievements:
    Consolidate the feudal serfdom, open the Black Sea sea, carved up Poland

Other achievements:
    Consolidate the feudal serfdom, open the Black Sea sea, carved up Poland

    Paul I

    Peter III

Coronation time:
    September 12, 1762 (33 years old)

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