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questions :Gynobasic style how?
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[Member (365WT)]answers [Chinese ]Time :2018-03-09
The style is the passage of pollen into the ovary. There are two types of internal structure of the style: open (hollow) and closed (solid). There are wide or narrow style paths in open styles, such as lilies, legumes, and rapeseeds.

Its structure is that there is often a layer of special inner epidermal cells around the style road, called channel cells, which are secretory cells that can secrete substances to the stylar tract; closed styles do not have style channels and are filled with guide tissues, such as cotton, tobacco, Most dicotyledonous plants such as leeks and sesame. The guide tissue cells are long and thin, and the cells are rich in organelles, gradually forming large intercellular spaces between cells, and are filled with matrix (carbohydrate substances) in the intercellular spaces.
Although wheat, rice and other plants are solid style, they do not contain guiding tissue. Pollen tubes pass through the parenchyma gap in the center of the style. Regardless of style, it can provide nutrition and certain chemicals for the growth of pollen tubes, leading pollen tubes downwards. Styles have vascular bundles connecting ovary, receptacle and stigma.

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