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questions :Kinematic viscosity
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Kinematic viscosity is the ratio of the dynamic viscosity of a fluid to its density ρ at the same temperature. The unit is (m^2)/s. It is represented by a lowercase v. Note: The relationship between St (S) St (s) and (m^2)/s units that have been used is: 1(m^2)/s=10^4St=10^6cSt. (The "cSt" is pronounced "Celsius"). The flowing liquid is regarded as many liquid layers that move in parallel with each other. Each layer has a different speed and forms a velocity gradient (dv/dx), which is the basic feature of the flow.

    Shear rate

    (D) D=d v /d x (S-1

    test methods

    There are three methods of dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity and conditional viscosity


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