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questions :What are the benefits of sports?
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Benefits of exercise

    Physical exercise is beneficial to the growth of human bones and muscles, enhances heart and lung function, improves the function of blood circulation system, respiratory system and digestive system, is conducive to human growth and development, improves disease resistance and enhances the adaptability of organisms.
    Reduce the risk of children suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases in adulthood.
    Physical exercise is one of the most active and effective means to enhance physical fitness.
    It can reduce your risk of entering the aging phase too early.
Physical exercise can improve the regulation function of the nervous system, improve the ability of the nervous system to judge the intricate changes of human activities, and make timely, coordinated, accurate and rapid responses; adapt the human body to the changes of internal and external environment and maintain the normal life activities of the body. .
    Physical exercise can regulate the physiological balance of the human body and achieve the effect of treatment and prevention.


    Physical exercise has the effect of regulating the nervousness of the human body, improving physical and mental state, and restoring physical strength and energy;
    Physical exercise can improve physical health, make the tired body get a positive rest, and make people energetically invest in study and work;
    Stretching your body and mind, helping to sleep and eliminating the pressure of reading
Physical exercise can cultivate sentiment, maintain a healthy mentality, give full play to the individual's enthusiasm, creativity and initiative, thereby enhancing self-confidence and values, so that personality can achieve healthy and harmonious development in a harmonious atmosphere;
    Collective projects and competitions in physical exercise can cultivate unity, collaboration and collectivism.

to sum up
Juveniles are an important turning point in the development of mind and body in a person's life. At this time, you will be surprised to find that there have been many unprecedented changes in physical and psychological aspects, and I feel that I have grown up. With the improvement of people's living standards and cultural quality, "the heart of beauty, everyone has it", we must grow up in sports baby and stay fit in sports.

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