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questions :What is the Book of Mormon?
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The most famous of these additional verses is the Book of Mormon. Mormons believe that the book is actually an editor of 15 ancient books, originally written between 600 BC and 400 AD. Mormons claimed that Joseph Smith was an American rural boy. He was not covered by gold plates. He only recorded the lives and events of the people in the United States before the Columbus era. It is speculated that the inscription is written in a language called "Egyptian after reform", and Smith can magically break its meaning and publish it as "The Book of Mormon."
It is said that the Book of Mormons is the history of the ancient Americans. They were descendants of the Jews exiled in the former Babylonian. The Jewish exiled refugees were led by a prophet named Lehi, who arrived in the United States by boat around 600 BC and The new world has established civilization. The descendants of Lehi are divided into two groups - one is the straight white Nephites, the other is the militant, evil black Lamanites. According to Mormonism, Lamanites is the ancestor of today's native Americans. The Mormons said that Nephites and Lamanites were destroyed in a series of wars. The last leader of Nephite was a man named Mormon, who presumably collected his colonial record and made it available. On gold plate.His son, Moroni, was the last Nephite to survive. He buried the plate in the hills of Manchester County, New York. In 1827, the resurrected Moroni appeared as an angel and told Smith where he was. Can dig a gold plate, so Smith found the plate. 7 Later, Moroni took the plate to heaven..
The most striking aspect of the Book of Mormon is its recorded religious activities of ancient Americans. We learned that Nephites continued the Jewish tradition to God in the sanctuary of the mainland architecture; there was spiritual recovery; more importantly, they built a Christian church. The most magnificent event recorded in the book is the image of Jesus Christ after the resurrection of Nephite (3_x000D_Nephi, Chapter 11). Therefore, the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ argued that the Book of Mormon is "another covenant of Jesus Christ."
Today, Mormons use the Book of Mormon in the same way as Christians to study the Bible. They always believe that their book contains "complete and eternal evangelical doctrines," and that the early church that abandoned faith in the ancient world has lost this content. They say that Smith is the prophet of God today, and he restored Christianity to the world.

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