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questions :Two examples of Egypt statue art
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Ancient Egyptian sculptures exist mainly as architectural attachments, and their procedures have been formed and followed in the ancient kingdom. The main manifestations are: upright posture, arms close to the body, front facing the audience; emphasis on the character's head, other parts are portrayed It is relatively simple; the facial contour is realistic and the expression is solemn; the size of the figure is determined according to the level of the character; the statue is colored, and the eyes are often inlaid with crystal, quartz and the like.
Famous works include: The Sphinx (Hafla Pyramid), one of the largest and oldest outdoor sculptures in Egypt. It is about 57 meters long and 5 meters long. It is the face of Pharaoh. "Prince Lahotep and his wife" (sitting), the lines are soft and stretched, showing the character of the prince and the dignity of the prince. The statue retains its original coloration and the character's eyes are made of ebony. Other famous works include "Morala and his wife", "Book Kay", "Village Portrait" (actually the statue of Prince Kapal) and so on.
[Member (365WT)]answers [Chinese ]Time :2018-10-22
The reliefs and paintings of ancient Egypt have a common program: the frontal law (the head of the character is represented by the side, the eyes and shoulders are the front, and the waist is the front side); the horizontal arrangement is arranged horizontally to divide the picture; Arrange the scale and composition position; the picture is full, leaving no blanks; there are fixed color programs: men's skin is brown, women are light brown or light yellow, hair is blue-black, and eye circles are black.
The bas-relief masterpieces of the ancient kingdom were: "Naner Slate" and "Hunting Hippo".
The murals of the tombs from the ancient kingdom: There are not many remains. The masterpiece is the "Group of Geese", drawn in a realistic way, with vivid images and harmonious colors.

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