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The importance of visual art

From the beginning of human culture to today, human beings convey information through their own visual image, which has always been the basic means of mutual communication between people. These visual images are what we call "visual art" today. They have a profound influence on the inheritance of human history and culture and people's spiritual life.
As a kind of "language" for conveying information, visual art has its own structure and rules just like the spoken language and written words we usually use. If we want to understand and understand the information and meaning conveyed by visual art through our own eyes. To a certain extent, we must be able to recognize and feel the visual image language. Just as we intend to read and write in English, we must understand the English vocabulary and grammatical relationship. We have reason to believe: a person with expertise in visual art language With a person who doesn't know much about this language, when watching the same piece, the results and feelings of the viewing will be completely different. Just like the famous psychologist Rudolph.Arnheim said in his "Visual Thinking": "An experienced surgeon, mechanic, and physiologist will see a specimen while looking at a wound, a machine, and a microscope. What a novice can't see from it. "In a word, knowledge can change what we see. Our course is to help students improve their understanding by providing students with a comprehensive and systematic knowledge of the language of visual art. And the ability to feel the language of visual art, truly appreciate the visual art through his own eyes..

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