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The Oxford Advanced English-Chinese Dictionary of Interpretation explains that comparative research is a method of researching and judging the similarity or dissimilarity between objects and things and between people.

The "Comparative Education" edited by Wu Wenzhao and Yang Hanqing in China believes that the comparative law is a comparative study of educational systems or practices in different countries or regions according to certain standards, and finds out the special laws and universal laws of education in various countries. "Obviously, this definition only applies to the subject area of ​​"comparative education", so it must be additionally limited.
The "Social Science Research Method" edited by Lin Juren and Liu Yu'an in China believes that comparative research methods refer to the comparison of two or more things or objects to find out the similarity and difference between them. method.

Comparative research can be understood as a method of examining two or more related things according to certain criteria, looking for similarities and differences, and exploring general laws and special laws.

Comparative research methods are widely used in educational scientific research and are of high value.


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