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Static electricity is a charge that is at rest. In dry and windy autumn, people often encounter this phenomenon in their daily lives:

When I undress and sleep at night, I often hear the sound of snoring in the dark, accompanied by blue light.

When you meet and shake hands, your finger will suddenly feel the acupuncture of your fingertips as soon as you touch the other person. It is very shocking.

When you start to comb your hair in the morning, your hair will often "float" and become more and more chaotic.

When the door handle is opened and the faucet is opened, it will be "electric shock", and the sound of "Pa, Pa, Pa" will often be emitted. This is the static electricity that occurs in the human body.


     Is a static charge


     Electronic equipment will malfunction and damage the heart

Dust removal, copying, purifying air


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