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questions :Basketball what is?
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Basketball, originated in Massachusetts, USA, was created by James Naismith on December 21, 1891. It is the core event of the Olympic Games, a hand-centered body confrontational sport.

On December 21, 1891, invented by James Naismith, a physical education teacher at the Springfield YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts (now translated as Springfield College, USA). In 1896, basketball was introduced to China, and in 2002, Yao Ming was selected as the No. 1 pick in the NBA, opening a new wave of Chinese basketball.
In 1904, the first basketball game was held at the St. Louis Olympics. In 1936, basketball was listed as an official competition in the Berlin Olympics. In 1992, the Barcelona Olympic Games began, professional players can participate in the Olympic basketball game.

The main international basketball organization was established in 1932 in Geneva, Switzerland, the International Basketball Federation (International Amateur Basketball Federation).

The league with the highest level of basketball in the world today is the American Basketball Professional League (NBA).

The league with the highest level representing China is the China Professional Basketball League (CBA).


     James Naismith

     Invention time

     December 21, 1891

     Place of origin

     Massachusetts, America

     Main match
NBA Basketball World Cup European Basketball League


     Basketball, rebounds, baskets, nets, baskets, venues

     International organizations

     International Basketball Federation (FIBA)

     NBA representative

     Chamberlain Jordan Kobe James Wade

     Domestic representative

     Yao Ming Yi Jianlian Wang Zhiwei Sun Yue

     Chinese Basketball Association


     Representative of the United States

     Chamberlain Kobe Jordan James

     American team

     American Dream Team

     American Basketball Association


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