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questions :how did wind instruments begin
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Wind instruments are from simple to complex, from imperfect to perfect, and continue to improve. Their applications vary with their timbre and range, and are influenced by the influence of different historical periods and the style of composers. The most widely used orchestral instruments in the orchestra from the Baroque period to the classic period were oboe, big pipe, natural horn (the originator of modern horn), and often clarinet, natural trumpet (the originator of modern trumpet), etc. No..From the romantic music period, the status of wind instruments in the orchestra has gradually improved, the development of musical instruments has become more and more perfect, and the romantic master Wagner has made great contributions to the sound of the liberation of wind instruments, especially brass instruments. Western wind instruments have been basically fixed, and there has not been much change in the past 100 years. Since the beginning of the 20th century, some composers, led by the American conductor and composer Bernstein, have created many modern emphasizing the tone of brass instruments. Orchestral works, the music is brilliant and splendid. Although the works are less thoughtful, they have a refreshing feeling. Among them, the works that are more familiar to you are "Glory of the Olympics"...


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