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On March 21, 1768, Fourier was born in Auxerre. His 9-year-old parents died and were adopted by the local church.

In 1780, he was sent to a local military school by a bishop.

Joseph Fourier Joseph Fourier

In 1785, he returned to his hometown to teach mathematics.

In 1794, he became the first student of the Higher Normal School.

In 1795, he went to the Paris Polytechnic School to teach.

In 1798, with Napoleon's expedition to Egypt, he served as the military and Chinese secretary and the secretary of the Egyptian Academy.

After returning to China in 1801, he served as the local governor of Isère.

In 1807, he submitted the paper "The Spread of Heat" to the Paris Academy of Sciences, and derived the famous heat conduction equation, and proposed that any function can be developed into an infinite series of trigonometric functions.

In 1817, he was elected as an academician of the Academy of Sciences.
In 1822, he served as the life secretary of the hospital, and later served as the life secretary of the French Academy and the chairman of the school committee of the University of Science and Technology. And put forward his work on the heat flow: "Thermal Analytical Theory."

He died in Paris on May 16, 1830, at the age of 62.

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