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The lyrics refer to the part of the lyrics in a song. Many songs used for singing and more specific and detailed content, in addition to the music part, will have a part of the lyrics. Most of the lyrics and songs can cooperate with each other. At the same time, it involves art works of literature and music. Since most of the lyrics are rhyming, it is also a kind of verse. It is a literary genre. The difference between lyrics and poetry is mainly that poetry does not have to enter music. Music), the lyrics are to be happy. The ancient Chinese Song and Yuanqu are a kind of lyrics. Besides the independent pipa, they can also match the songs and sing in the Chinese characters at the time..It is a pity that most of the scores have been lost, and because of the considerable changes in voice, the ancients have no recording equipment, which makes it difficult for today to sing these words. And today’s drama, opera, musical, pop music, etc. The creation of literature and music, the part of the work is still called the lyrics...
Basic explanation

The lyrics in the vocal works are accompanied by magnificent music.


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