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questions :Any exercise we can do when cerebellar atrophy?
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[Member (365WT)]answers [Chinese ]Time :2019-04-26
1. First, the patient can choose to sit and balance the exercise. It is to let the patient feel the feeling of sitting down or use the mirror to correct the posture of the sitting position. Then, when exercising, you can sit from leaning to sitting without sitting, sitting on the chair and then on the stool; then slowly learning to sit in the seat. The action of changing the center of gravity before and after the left and right is used to strengthen the patient's weight-bearing exercises and the left and right alternate hip-lifting exercises. This will treat the patient's balance in the seat.
2. Second, the patient can choose to stand balancing exercises. It is very difficult for the patient to start standing and balance, so the patient can use some tools to first reflect the feeling of standing, and then slowly practice from relying on unsupported standing. When standing, ask the patient to touch different things, and you can practice the center of gravity shifting forward and backward on the balance exerciser to improve the load capacity of the legs and the balance of the legs.
3. Third, the patient can also stand up and stand up. The patient can practice from the support to the unsupported position. Of course, the patient should pay attention to the weight of both lower limbs when standing. Let the patient experience the support of the legs. It feels that the patient can choose to sit on the high bench first, then gradually transition to the low stool, and the patient should not have the posture to fall when sitting down.

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