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questions :What is activity based costing
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Activity-based costing is the costing of the completed activities, and the total cost is accumulated according to the product type, customer group, target market or project topic.

Cost accounting refers to the allocation and collection of various expenses incurred by the enterprise in the production and operation process according to certain objects to calculate the total cost and unit cost. Costing is usually based on accounting and is calculated in monetary terms. Cost accounting is an important part of cost management, and has a direct impact on the company's cost forecasting and business decision-making.
For cost accounting, first review the production and operation management expenses to see if it has occurred, whether it should happen, whether it has been included in the product cost, and directly manage and control the production and operation management costs and product costs. Secondly, the expenses incurred have been allocated and collected according to the purpose, and the total cost and unit cost of each product are calculated to provide real cost data for cost management.


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