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questions :The history of action
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Walk; walk. "Northern History·Yu Fangling Wang Yong Chuan": "I sometimes act, and the guardian must be ambitious." Ming Zhang Juzheng "Give a false thank you to the sparse": "The court used the medicine, applied the affected area, can not act." "Twenty years of witnessing The third situation of the strange situation: "It is action, worship, arch, no one is not unsightly."
Action; action. "North Qi Book · Du Gu Yongye Biography": "Zhou Wudi personally attacked Jin Hao, Yongye sent out the soldiers, and asked: 'What is He Daguan, what action?" "Two moments of surprise" Volume 12: "[ Xie Yuanqing] looked at his actions and talked sings and sings. "Hong Shen" "Preliminary knowledge of the director of the drama · Introduction": "The speech is heard by the audience, and the action is seen by the audience." "Yu Shi Ming Yan": 劭 Seeing the book in the room, the caps are all actions to be taken.
An activity carried out to achieve a certain purpose. "Two moments of surprise" Volume 11: "This is the weather in December, full of self-satisfaction without a half-text, empty home, it is difficult to live; not only in the outer box, looking for some business, and Year after year. "Liu Qing's "Copper Wall Iron Wall" Chapter I: "Second, some important issues concerning this military action can be discussed directly at the front line of Mizhi County-level leading cadres."
at every turn. The second and third rounds of "Jin Ping Mei Ci Hua": "Yu Andao: 'Ten music, the action only takes Wu Niang to me.'" "Dream of Red Mansions" twentieth: "You only blame people for blaming you, you don't know you again." The people are uncomfortable." "Dream of Red Mansions": The grandfather is very big; the action gives the face a slap.
Still, move. "Ancient and Modern Novels, Fan Juqing, Chickens, and Deaths": "Shao (Zhang Shao) sees the book in the room and is the action that should be taken."

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