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questions :Lewin's field theory
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American psychologist Lewin proposed a formula for the relationship between a single person and the environment: , where: B - individual performance, p - individual ability and condition, e - the environment.
Lewin's field theory points out that the performance that a person can create is not only related to his ability and quality, but also closely related to his environment (ie his "field"). If a person is in an unfavorable environment, such as a professional disagreement, a bad interpersonal relationship, a bad mood, etc., it is difficult to exert his ingenuity and it is difficult to achieve the desired results. And in general, individuals often can't do anything about the environment. The way to change is to leave the environment and move to a more comfortable environment to work. This will cause people to flow. Therefore, Lewin's field theory is the flow of researchers. One of the theoretical foundations.


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