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questions :Chartist movement
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The charter movement was a workers' movement set up by British workers in 1836--1848 to get their rights. The movement had a political program, the People's Charter, hence the name Charter Movement.
The purpose of the charter movement is that workers demand universal suffrage in order to have the opportunity to participate in the management of the country. "The issue of universal suffrage is a problem of rice bowls." The working class hopes to improve its economic status through political changes. They published their demands in the form of the People’s Charter. The British charter movement and the German Silesia textile workers' uprising, the Lyon Lyons workers' uprisings, called the three major European workers' movements, showed that the proletariat was on the stage of history and laid the class foundation for the birth of Marxism. But the sport failed in the end, and the reason for its failure was the lack of guidance from scientific theories, which reflected the urgent need to create a revolutionary theory of science.

     Country of Citizenship

     United Kingdom


Major achievements

     National political movement
     The first mass and political proletarian revolutionary movement in the world

     Start time

     AD 1836

     End Time

     AD 1848

     Participating athletes

     British worker

     Athlete's purpose

     Improve political status and improve working conditions

     Movement mode

     Strike demonstration, handing petition

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