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questions :Arrhenius theory
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Also known as ionization theory. Arrhenius theory based on the relationship between electrolyte solution dependence and conductivity. The main contents are: due to the action of solvent, the electrolyte is automatically dissociated into positive and negative charge particles in solution. (ion); positive and negative ions keep moving, colliding with each other and combining with components, so the electrolyte in the solution may be only partially ionized. The percentage of ionization is called ionization. Under the action of DC electric field, the positive and negative ions move toward one pole, and the electrolyte solution can Conduction is due to this movement of ions. According to ionization theory, Arrhenius believes that any substance that can ionize H in aqueous solution is called acid, and the substance that can ionize OH- is called alkali..His acid-base view is a major advance in the establishment of acid-base theory...


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