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questions :Particle what is?
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Particle: refers to the smallest material component that can exist in a free state. The earliest discovered particles are atoms, electrons, and protons. In 1932, neutrons were discovered. It is confirmed that atoms are composed of electrons, protons, and neutrons. They are more than atoms. As a basic material component, it is called a basic particle. Later, such particles are found more and more, and the cumulative number has exceeded several hundred, and there is an increasing trend; in addition, some of these particles have not been found in experiments so far. It has an internal structure, and some particle experiments show a distinct internal structure. It seems that these particles do not belong to the same level, so the term elementary particle has become a history, now collectively referred to as particles..Particles are not specific substances like neutrons, protons, etc., but their collective name, which is a model concept...

elementary particle


Refers to the basic components of all physical entities


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