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We first understand some basic concepts: the shape, structure, and physiological characteristics of living things are called traits. For example, human eyelid morphology is a kind of trait. This trait has different manifestations: double sputum (commonly known as double eyelid), single sputum ( Superiorepiblepharon upper molting, commonly known as single eyelid), where single scorpion is recessive and double scorpion is dominant. We call them relative traits (the concept is different expression types of the same trait of the same species).Traits are controlled by genes. Dominant genes that control dominant traits (in uppercase letters, such as A), and recessive genes that control recessive traits (in lowercase letters, such as a), genes in somatic cells For the existence, so an individual's genotype is: AA, Aa, aa, but there are also chromosomal mutations leading to multiple genes. A and a can represent a pair of alleles. Their definition is: homologous chromosome The same position, a pair of genes that control relative traits...


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