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questions :What is Hematyte?
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The chemical composition of hematite is Fe2O3, and the crystal belongs to the hexagonal oxide mineral. It is homogenous with maghemite of equiaxed crystal system. The crystals are often plate-shaped; the aggregates are usually in the form of flakes, scales, kidneys, ridges, blocks or soils. It is reddish brown, steel ash to iron black, and the streaks are all cherry red. Metal to semi-metallic luster. Moss hardness is 5.5~6.5, and the specific gravity is 4.9~5.3. Hematite, which is iron black, metallic luster and flake, is called mirror iron ore; it is called gray mica, metallic luster, and scale-like called mica hematite. It is called "yunzi iron" in ancient China; it is reddish brown and soily. The gloom is called meteorite, the ancient Chinese called "daily", and the "meteorite" refers to hematite.

chemical composition


Flaky, scaly, kidney, scorpion

Moss hardness

5.5 to 6.5


4.9 to 5.3


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