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A generic term for a plastic card (usually the size of a credit card) with a microchip embedded in it. Some smart cards contain a microelectronic chip, and the smart card needs to interact with the data through the reader. The smart card is equipped with CPU, RAM and I/O, and can process a large amount of data by itself without interfering with the work of the host CPU. Smart cards can also filter out erroneous data to ease the burden on the host CPU. It is suitable for occasions with a large number of ports and fast communication speed requirements. The integrated circuit within the card includes a central processing unit CPU, a programmable read only memory EEPROM, a random access memory RAM, and an in-card operating system COS that is cured in a read only memory ROM. The data in the card is divided into external read and internal processing.


Plastic card with embedded microchip
Technology core

IC card


Computer and communication technology

Application field

Access control, shopping, entertainment, internet of things, etc.


Silver source, etc.

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