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questions :What is euler graph?
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The Euler diagram refers to all the edges in the pass graph (undirected graph or directed graph) and passes through only one pass on each side. The corresponding loop is called the Euler loop. A diagram with an Euler loop is called an Euler diagram, and a diagram with an Euler path and no Euler loop is called a semi-Eulerian diagram. A modern extension to the Euler diagram is the spider map, which adds a point of attachment to the Euler diagram that can be connected. This gives the Euler extraction feature. The Euler diagram already has a conjunction feature (that is, the zone defines the existence of objects with the nature of the ups and downs in the zone). So spider maps allow the use of Euler graph modeling logic or conditions.




Graph with Euler loop

Diagram with Euler pathway without Euler loop


18th century

Modern expansion

Spider map

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