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questions :The Taiping Rebellion
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The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Movement was the first group of the Qing Dynasty from the first year of Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty to the Three Years of Tongzhi (1851-1864). The leading group consisting of Hong Xiuquan, Yang Xiuqing, Xiao Chaogui, Feng Yunshan, Wei Changhui, Shi Dakai and others led the Qing Dynasty from the Jintian Village of Guangxi to oppose the feudal rule of the Qing Dynasty and foreign countries. The peasant uprising war of capitalist aggression was the largest large-scale anti-Qing movement in China in the mid-19th century. In 1864, with the fall of the capital of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, Tianjing (Nanjing), it marked the failure of the movement.

Start time


Main leader

Hong Xiuquan, Yang Xiuqing, Li Xiucheng

Sporty nature

Peasant uprising, overthrowing the Qing Dynasty

Sports peak

Before and after Tianjing


Tianjing lost, movement failed

Main literature
"Tian Chao Tian Mu System" "News of Zizheng"

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