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questions :Nouns which take indefinite articles
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Represents "one", meaning one; refers to a person or something, meaning a certain thing. A Mr. Ling is waiting for you.
Represents a type of person or thing. A knife is a tool for cutting with.Mr. Smith is an engineer.
Phrase or idiom. a little / a few / a lot of / a type of / a pile / a great many / many a / as a rule / in a hurry / in a minute / in a word / in a short while / after a while / have a cold / have a try / keep an eye on / all of a sudden
The greatest grammatical function of an indefinite article in a sentence is that it refers to a general term before the singular form of a countable noun—indicating that a class of people or things is distinct from its class. Example: I am a Chinese. I am (a) Chinese. This is a book. This is a book.
For the convenience of reading, use an without a before the singular nouns of the countable nouns beginning with the vowel phoneme. When we use an, the condition is three: 1 The pronunciation of the noun must start with a vowel phoneme—that is, the first phoneme of its phonetic symbol is a vowel, rather than saying that it starts with a vowel. 2 It must be a countable noun. 3 It must also be a singular noun. We often see such usage: an hour an hour an orange an orange an engineer an engineer an ordinary man an ordinary person an honest person an honest person vowels are: a, e, i, o, u Five

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