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The lyrics of the song. (Tang Dynasty) Song Zhiwen "Feng He Xing Chang'an Old City Weiyang Palace should be system": "Le Si back to the slanting day, the lyrics follow the "Gale"." "Old Tang Book Music 3": "When the time is too often there is a palace , Shang, Jiao, Zheng, Yu "Fan Le" five lyrics each one volume ... more words Zheng Wei, are modern poetry miscellaneous poems." Qing Li Tiaoyuan "Nan Yue notes" volume one: "male female a flat bear There are a number of lyrics on the top, and the words are like a fly." It is often said that there are palaces, quotients, horns, levies, and feathers. "The banquet music" has five volumes of lyrics... The words are more Zheng Wei, all of which are modern poets. Qing Li Tiaoyuan "Nan Yue Notes" Volume 1: "The male prostitute is a sling, the number of lyrics on the captain, the word if the head."


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