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questions :Jianghu sister
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"Jianghu Sister" is a drama film starring Zhong Xiao and Lu Jianhua, starring Zheng Shuang and others.

The film tells the story of a heroic girl from Jiangnan Water Village who was killed by the people, martial arts, and young and beautiful. The emperor sent a governor to the beauty pageant. The sisters of Jianghu entered the government on the condition that they let go of other women, and teased the governor. The governor confessed that the sisters of the rivers and lakes secretly passed the white lotus. Gong Qi, the three-member martial arts officer sent by the emperor, swayed the stage and swayed the martial arts to attract the Jianghu girl. The unintentional rivers and lakes sisters jumped to the stage and the governor ordered that they would put the Jianghu girl in a dead place. The angry people swarmed and turned to the governor. Under the protection of the people, the sisters of the rivers and lakes drifted away.

Production company
Changchun Film Studio

Production area

China Mainland


Yu Zhongxiao, Lu Jianhua


Xie Wenli

Types of

Plot, action


Zheng Shuang


100 minutes

release time

September 1989

Dialogue language




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