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Paramecium: It is a representative species of the genus Cilia and a representative species of protozoa. Paramecium live in fresh water, which is commonly found in ponds and rivers. There are 22 known species in the world, such as large paramecium (180~300 microns long), double small nuclear paramecium (80~170 microns long, 2 telescopic bubbles, two small nuclei, very small), and many small nuclear grasses. Insects (180 to 310 micrometers in length, sometimes 3 telescopic bubbles, 3 to 12 small vesicles), green grass worms (body length 80 to 150 micrometers, cytoplasmic chlorophyll symbiosis, cultured in the light After the whole body is green, small nuclei, dense type), large paramecium is the most common.


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