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questions :Scope of community work
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1. Promote residents' participation in solving their own problems and improve the social awareness of community residents;

2. Adjust or improve social relations and reduce social conflicts;

3. Seek the need for community to effectively cooperate with community resources to meet community needs, solve or predict social problems, improve community living environment, improve community life quality, and promote community progress;

4. Pursue the equitable distribution of power and resources;

5. Exert the potential of the people and discover and cultivate the leaders of the community;

6. Cultivate the virtues of mutual care and mutual benefit;
7. Enhance the cohesiveness of the community.Community work can be understood in the following ways: Community work is a profession dedicated to increasing the knowledge of non-professionals, empowering people to cope with difficult and embarrassing environments, and enabling people to have greater control over their surroundings. Community workers encourage and support individuals and groups in the community to improve the conditions of their community life, encourage residents to help each other, autonomy and solve, and enhance the various capabilities of residents; the main goal of community work is to meet community needs, solve community problems, and cultivate The sense of belonging and identity of community members; the deeper purpose is to increase residents' rights, technology and community self-organization rights, promote community integration, improve community environment, and achieve social justice...

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