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questions :What is the characteristic of epic
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Albert Lord and Milman Parry argue that the classic epic is basically an oral form. When the text has not yet appeared, the epic was originally recorded in pure oral form. In the process of communication, after listening to the epic, the audience will use the oral form to pass the epic from generation to generation. Adding plots over time, and finally being sorted, processed, and documented into a unified work. Representatives of such epics include Homer's epic works Iliad and Odyssey. The other is literature. A literary epic written consciously by a writer for a specific conceptual purpose. The representatives of such epics include Virgil's Aeneas and John Milton's Paradise Lost..Epyllion is another short epic, from the ancient Greek ἐπύλλιον, meaning "small epic". The word epyllion was used in the 19th century, and its narrative is usually a romantic or mythological theme, classic Examples of epyllion include the story of Nisus and Euryalus in Volume VI of Aeneas. In addition, epyllion also refers to some British Renaissance poems, especially those influenced by Ovid...


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