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1. What kind of society is an authoritarian society?
-- The so-called authoritarian society means that the destiny of society is in the hands of one person or a few people. The general public has no say in their own destiny, nor can they dominate the society of their own destiny.
2. How does an authoritarian government treat the human rights of ordinary people?
-- Authoritarian governments can illegally and arbitrarily because they have the tools of violence that are not subject to any restrictions. In spite of the provisions of the law, it can deprive people of their right to life and property at will, depriving people of the right to freely pursue a happy life, and can arbitrarily trample on human rights and regard life as a must. People who live under an autocratic government are not safe and peaceful, and are at risk of being precarious.
Third, in an authoritarian society, there are only two kinds of "people". What kind of two kinds of "people"?
-- In an authoritarian society, authoritarians are "barbarians" without any restrictions, while the oppressed people are "slaves."
4. How do autocratic governments “follow the yin and violate the law” in the process of law enforcement and justice?
-- Under the autocratic system, the state's legislative, executive, judicial, and other powers are concentrated in the hands of authoritarian individuals or authoritarian groups. Therefore, in order to maintain their own rule and to obtain the most privileged interests, authoritarians often have some good on the surface. The law and the introduction of some policies that seem to be for the benefit of the people, in order to deceive the common people and reduce the resistance of the people. In the actual law enforcement and judicial process, the law became a scorpion and a fig leaf, the authoritarian himself and his authoritarian tools Almost completely not in accordance with laws and policies, completely taking advantage of one's own interests as the starting point and ultimate decision of law enforcement and justice.What is more, the tens of thousands of authoritarian servants under the highest dictatorship are often only obeying the policies of their superiors in order to extract the most dictatorial interests. In fact, they adopt the policy of “having policies and countermeasures”. The practice of yin and yin is illegal, so that the laws and policies are ineffective...
5. What is the difference between autocracy and modern autocracy in ancient times?
-- In the autocratic society before the birth of high technology, the autocratic government's control over the people was extremely limited. For example, in the ancient Chinese feudal dynasty and some authoritarian societies in the Middle Ages in Europe, the freedom enjoyed by the people was still quite large. At that time, there was almost no hukou system, book censorship system, no remote monitoring, eavesdropping and other technologies. The space of civil society was still quite large. After the birth of high technology, the combination of high technology and authoritarian system produced an unprecedented modernity. Autocratic Demon--The Totalitarianism of Totalitarianism.Totalitarian autocracy controls everything in social life: the material production activities of the society, the spiritual production activities, and its monitoring nostrils reach into the people's bedroom. Everyone's every move can be holographically monitored. The degree of totalitarian autocracy monitoring It has reached the point where it is all under its watch (as long as it is willing), except that it has not yet penetrated into our blood. This is an unprecedented disaster that threatens human civilization. It can be said that, to a certain extent, high technology has become a modern autocratic aid, greatly extending the life of modern autocracy...
6. What impact does the autocratic system have on social culture and ethics?
-- The authoritarian government established through the autocratic system is based on the ignorance and ignorance of the people. Therefore, in order to maintain the autocratic rule, the authoritarian government must conduct enslavement education, foolish education, and suppress people in the ideological and cultural culture. The people have the right to think independently. They even force people to tell lies. In this respect, the difference between ancient autocracy and modern totalitarian autocracy is that ancient autocracy ruled by silent means, and it left people with the right to silence; totalitarian autocracy Forcing people to speak, it has been traced to the most secretive place of human thought, forcing him to lie to his conscience, thus depriving the oppressed of this last comfort..The inevitable consequence of this is that people are not only oppressed, enslaved, but also deprived of human dignity, depriving people of the fundamental characteristics of being human, and degrading people to a point where they are inhuman. In addition, the authoritarian government Culture and morality have introduced a series of official ideology standards, so that all the residents of the society can act according to this official standard, to live, all the residents are like a mold cast, no life, vitality and creativity, culture, moral field A pool of stagnant water, fake, large and empty prevailing, the cultural and moral orientation of the whole society is inevitably declining...
7. Why do we say that from the long-term historical stage, autocracy is the root of all societies going to poverty, ignorance and turmoil?
-- Authoritarian governments may take measures to create a false prosperity in a short period of time, but this is short-lived. The autocratic rule of the autocratic government and the exercise of power without any restrictions will lead to the destruction of society. Corruption leads to a total waste of social wealth - wealth is used for decadent life and desperate to maintain tyranny, with little money for investment in social progress. What’s worse, authoritarian government’s dictatorship in cultural thinking, Leading to all-round ignorance and ignorance of the social subjects, human dignity and soul are completely destroyed.As a French philosopher said: "If a nation is only conquered and not degraded, then its situation has the possibility of improvement. Once the lucky opportunity arises, it will not live up to this opportunity. Ancient dictatorship will at least give humanity. This opportunity was made. The rule of Philip II and the gallows of the Grand Duke of Alba did not degenerate the brave Dutchman; but totalitarian politics had to degenerate it while oppressing a nation. It made this nation accustomed to trample on itself. What is respected in the past, flattering what he has looked down upon, it also makes this nation to practice itself, and no matter how short-lived this totalitarian politics is, it will make all freedom and all improvements impossible - even if it collapses after that.Kang Maode was overthrown, but the Roman Guards sold the empire, and the people obeyed the buyer. In short, the contradictions and resentment and hatred accumulated by the long-term scourge of autocratic tyranny in politics, economy, and ideology and culture. One day it will erupt like a volcano. Therefore, the consequences of authoritarianism are to bring society to poverty, ignorance and turmoil...

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