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questions :dolomite what is?
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Dolomite crystals are trigonal carbonate minerals. The chemical composition is CaMg(CO3)2. There are often the same kind of iron and manganese (instead of magnesium). When the number of iron or manganese atoms exceeds magnesium, it is called iron dolomite or manganese dolomite. Trigonal crystal system, the crystal is rhombohedral, the crystal face is often bent into a saddle shape, and the polycrystalline twin crystal is common. The aggregates are usually granular. Pure to white; gray when iron; brown after weathering. Glass luster. It is the main mineral that makes up the dolomite. Dolomite, which is caused by marine sedimentation, is often produced in layers with the siderite and limestone layers. In lake sediments, dolomite is symbiotic with gypsum, anhydrite, stone salt, potash salt and the like.

Common color

Grayish white



Relative density


Three groups of complete cleavage

Place of origin

Yilan County

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