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questions :what note does a tambourine make?
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Due to the different regions, Dab has formed different styles and genres. The traditional playing skills mainly include drum sounds, drum sounds, palm sounds, finger sounds, contusions and bullets. The sounds played are high and low, forming a rich musical language.

In addition, Dab can also be placed between the legs, and both hands roll the drum to make a sound like a bell.

Uygur: When playing, the hands of the "tiger mouth" hold the drum frame, except for the thumb, the other fingers can be used to drum. Fingers tapping on different parts of the drumhead can make sounds like "咚" and "哒", and the sound is ever-changing, and the expression is extremely rich. Shake the drum body so that the small iron ring hits the drum frame, and it can also emit the sound of "shasha".
Uzbek: When playing, hold the handle with the left hand and beat the drumhead with your right hand.

In Uighurs, Uzbeks, Dab is usually played by men.

What is especially unique is that the Tajik Dab, almost exclusively played by women, is a traditional custom left over the years.


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