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questions :Concept of values in behaviour science?
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Values are cognition, understanding, judgment or choice based on a certain sense of thinking of a person. That is, a kind of thinking or value orientation in which people identify things and decide whether they are right or wrong, thus reflecting people, things, and things. 】 Certain value or role; in class society, different classes have different values.
Before any kind of thought is absolutely denied, the perspective, background, judgment and the meaning of what it says will have a certain degree of objective value, and the value of this idea lies in it. The degree and meaning of recognition is the perception of people's understanding of this kind of thinking. This is the simplest and most realistic assessment of human thinking. It also assesses whether a thought is great, and whether this kind of thinking is Can be the origin of values.

Personal criteria

Patriotism, dedication, integrity, friendliness


Rich, strong, democratic, civilized, harmonious

Word meaning

Value orientation of things

Core concept

Freedom, equality, justice, the rule of law

Class nature

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