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questions :Factor affecting of drug absorbtion
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1. Physical and chemical properties of the drug. The molecular size, fat solubility, solubility and dissociation of the drug can affect absorption. It is generally believed that the higher the fat solubility of the drug, the easier it is to be absorbed; the small molecule water-soluble drug is easily absorbed, and the drug which is insoluble in both water and fat is difficult to absorb. Drugs with high dissociation are difficult to absorb orally.

2. The dosage form of the drug. When administered orally, the solution is absorbed faster than a solid preparation such as a tablet or a capsule because the latter requires a process of disintegration and dissolution. When injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly, the water-soluble night absorbs rapidly, and the suspension or oil agent absorbs slowly due to retention at the injection site, so it is slower and takes a long time.
3. Absorb the environment. When administered orally, the function of emptying of the stomach, the speed of bowel movements, pH, the amount and nature of intestinal contents can affect the absorption of the drug. Such as slow gastric emptying, excessive peristalsis or excessive intestinal contents are not conducive to drug absorption. Subcutaneous or intramuscular injection, the drug spreads along the connective tissue or muscle fibers, through the capillary wall into the blood circulation, the rate of absorption is related to local blood flow and pharmaceutical preparations. Because muscle tissue is rich in blood vessels and blood supply is sufficient, intramuscular injection is absorbed faster than subcutaneous injection. When the shock is surrounded by circulatory failure, the absorption rate of subcutaneous or intramuscular injection is slowed down, and it needs to be administered intravenously to be effective immediately. There is no absorption process when intravenously administered.

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