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questions :What is the purpose of a Visa?
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A visa is a measure taken by a sovereign state to safeguard its sovereignty, dignity, security and interests. A visa is an important means for a sovereign state to implement its own borders. If a citizen of a country wishes to travel or settle in another country. In addition to having to have a valid passport or travel document, another condition is that you must obtain a visa to travel to the country. Usually, a visa issued by a country to a foreigner is given to a foreign national by a foreign country. Whether the treatment is equal and reciprocal is the principle of giving equal benefits and convenience to the exchanges between the two nationals..However, there are also visa-free countries with 18 visa-free countries with Chinese passports and 130 visa-free countries with US passports...
For foreigners, visas for different entry visas such as travel, family visits, immigration, study, work, etc. are generally issued according to the applicant's identity and entry purpose, and the residence time after entry is restricted. Due to different types of visas, it is required to provide The relevant materials are also different. Generally, the application for short-term residence is less restrictive, and the time for approval is shorter. For the purpose of long-term residence, the application is more restrictive and the time for approval is longer. The state does not have the obligation to allow foreigners to enter the country unconditionally (except for those who have a treaty), and a foreigner does not require the right of a government to allow him to enter the country. A sovereign state is always subject to restrictions on the entry of foreigners..With the development of international trade and international political relations and the prosperity of tourism, the visa regulations of many countries tend to be simplified. There are also agreements between countries that exempt visas or simplify visa procedures...

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