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questions :what is light
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Light is a way of spreading energy. Light sources emit light because of the movement of atoms and molecules in the light source. There are three main ways: thermal motion, transitional radiation (including spontaneous and stimulated radiation), and optical radiation generated by accelerated motion of charged particles inside the material. The former is the most common in life, the second is mostly used for lasers, and the third is the principle of synchrotron radiation and Cherenkov radiation.
In short, light travels in a straight line, and the propagation of light does not require any medium. However, when light propagates through a medium, the light is deflected by the interaction of the medium, causing reflection and refraction. In addition, according to general relativity, when light propagates near a mass object, the light propagation path will also be deflected accordingly due to the strong gravitational field of the object.

transmission speed


Direction of propagation

Light travels in a straight line in the same homogeneous substance


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