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questions :Discipline according to Maria Montessori
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Children's home education concept:

(1) Respect for the independence of children: Only independent people can enjoy freedom. The child's initiative is his characteristic. The adult should not interfere or prohibit it. The teacher should not "command" or "command" the child. Let him command himself and listen to his own orders. Respecting the independence of children, children can naturally move his muscles and bones, and a healthy body will follow.
(2) Silence and activities: Respecting the independence of children is not to let him do whatever he wants, and he must not let the child think that being quiet, obedient, obedient, passive is a good thing; and activities or work are bad things. Montessori's teaching method emphasizes children's active exploration, and focuses on designing inspiring teaching situations and teaching aids, so that children can learn by specific operations, not just listening.
(3) The spirit is better than the method: Meng Shi hopes that her students do not want to "tact" the child "actively" and should be a "bystander" to watch all the children's behavior. The only thing that must be done is to design or make many teaching aids, and even encourage children to play and manipulate, which is the greatest respect for children. Because the real teacher of the Montessori method is the child itself.
(4) Individual freedom precedes social discipline: freedom is first, order is only second. Traditional education emphasizes "group", while Montessori focuses on "personality." Montessori’s article to the British Montessori Society in 1932 strongly blamed children for being bound by adults, not as good as slaves and workers. Montessori’s life stress emphasizes: "The liberation of children is the mission of educators; therefore, the personal freedom of children should be given priority."
(5) The sense of order in childhood: Montessori discovered that one of the behavioral characteristics of children is the sense of order. Most people think that the children's room or playground must be messy. The toys or paper scraps are thrown all over the floor. Adults are also quite a headache. They think this is a serious education problem for children. I want to find ways to cultivate children's neat and clean habits at an early stage. . However, Montessori believes that the reason why children can not arrange the order in an orderly manner is that adults are adults. Children have a natural sense of order, but adults use "power" to ruin them.

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