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questions :total harmonic distortion
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The total harmonic distortion indicates that when the power amplifier is working, the secondary and third harmonics generated by the inevitable oscillation or other resonance of the circuit are superimposed with the actual input signal, and the signal output at the output is not simply the same component as the input signal. Rather, it includes signals of harmonic components. The comparison of these extra harmonic components with the actual input signal is expressed as a percentage. This is called total harmonic distortion. In general, the total harmonic distortion is the smallest around 1000 Hz. So most power amplifiers show that total harmonic distortion is measured with a 1000 Hz signal, but some more stringent manufacturers also provide total harmonic distortion data in the range of 20-20000 Hz..The total harmonic distortion is below 1%, and the general ear can't distinguish it. If it exceeds 10%, the distortion component can be clearly heard. The smaller the total harmonic distortion is, the more pure the tone is. The total harmonic distortion of the general product is Less than 1% @1kHz, but the smaller the value, the higher the quality of the product...


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