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questions :Reflexive pronoun
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Such as: A marked bee fed itself from the dish and returned to the hive.

1) Translation: A marked bee feeds himself from the plate and then flies back to the hive. (itself and bee are consistent in person, nature, and number)

2) In 1955 Walt Disney himself opened the first Disney park.

Translation: In 1955, Walt Disney personally founded the first Disney park. (himself and Walt Disney are consistent in terms of person, nature, and number)

1. The reflexive pronouns of the first and second person are composed of the adjective main pronoun plus -self or -selves. Such as:

I--myself we--ourselves you(单数)--you you (plural)-- yourselves

2. The reflexive pronouns of the third person are composed of the personal pronouns plus the -self or -selves. Such as:

She--herself he --himself it--itself they--themselves one--oneself


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