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questions :Echinus habit and habitat
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Habitat environment

Most sea urchins like to live on rocks, coral reefs and hard seabeds, mainly relying on tube foot and stab movements, which are often associated with feeding. When the surrounding food is rich, it rarely moves and only moves a few centimeters a day. When food is scarce, it can move 50 cm per day. Usually lurking in gaps or depressions. Irregular sea urchins are mostly burrowed in the sand, mainly by thorns in the holes or on the sand surface.

Living habit

Born timid, as long as you see the enemy, you will run away, but the sea urchin can not move very quickly. Most of the sea urchins live on the seabed, prefer to inhabit the sea reefs or stone gaps below the intertidal zone rich in seaweed, and the hard sand and muddy shallow seas, which are characterized by light and nocturnal.
Sea urchins move with food: if food is abundant, they can move more than 1 meter per day; if food is scarce, sea urchins may only move 10 centimeters a day. The movement of sea urchins is carried out by transparent, small, numerous and viscous tube feet and spines. When the tube is in motion, similar to the starfish, the rock can be grasped, and the spine at the bottom lifts the body of the sea urchin to help the sea urchin move freely. They can always use the direction of the step as a leader when they are exercising, without turning their heads. When the sea urchin is reversed, its spines and tube feet can turn it back.
Sea urchins are widely eaten. Carnivorous foods are eaten by worms, mollusks or other echinoderms on the seabed. The main food for herbivore is algae. In addition, there are also sea urchins that feed on organic debris and animal carcasses.

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