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questions :Plasma protein nature properties?
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Blood consists of formed red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, as well as invisible liquid components of plasma. After the blood coagulates, a pale yellow transparent liquid is precipitated, which is called serum. The difference between serum and plasma is that there is no fibrinogen in the serum, but it contains some decomposition products generated during the coagulation process.
Under physiological conditions, blood continuously flows through the body through blood vessels, transporting various substances and tissues. Plasma, interstitial fluid and other extracellular fluids together constitute the internal environment of the body. Therefore, the blood communicates the internal and external environment, maintains the relative stability of the internal environment (such as pH, osmotic pressure, the concentration of various chemical components, etc.), the transportation of materials (nutrients, metabolites, metabolic regulators), immune defense, and coagulation and resistance Coagulation plays an important role.


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