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questions :hawthorne effect?
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Medicinal effect



Hawthorn: Pick out impurities and sieve to remove kernels. Fried Hawthorn: Pick the cleaned hawthorn, and stir-fry it in a pot until it is light yellow outside. Take it out and let it cool. Scorched hawthorn: Pick the cleaned hawthorn, and fry it in a pot until it is browned on the outside and browned on the inside. Hawthorn charcoal: Pick the cleaned hawthorn, put it in a pot and fry it with wuhuo until it is burnt black outside.


Sweet and lukewarm.


Into the spleen, stomach and liver.

Functional indication
Digestion product, scattered blood stasis, drive roundworm. Treatment of fleshy, dysentery, phlegm, fullness, acid swelling, diarrhea, intestinal wind, low back pain, post-partum occipital pain in hernias, endless lochia, stagnation of infant milk. Xiaoshi Jianwei, Xingqi Sanyu. For meat stagnation, stomach fullness, diarrhea and abdominal pain, blood stasis and amenorrhea, postpartum stasis, tingling in the abdomen, hernia pain, hyperlipidemia


Those with weak spleen and stomach should take caution.


① Govern all food products: Hawthorn forty-two, Atractylodes forty-two, Divine Comedy for two. The top is the end, steamed cake pills, Wu Yu Da, served seventy pills, white soup. ("Danxi Heart Method")

② It is not necessary to treat meat: Hawthorn meat is forty-two, boiled in water, and drink its juice. ("Simple Unilateral")
③ cure all stagnation abdominal pain: Hawthorn blindly decoction. ("Fang Mai Authentic")

④ Treatment of dysentery red and white: Hawthorn meat is not limited, fried research is the end, one or two dollars per serving, mixed with red and white honey, mixed with red and white sugar, red and white, mixed with honey and sugar, white soup, hollow . ("Medical Notes")

⑤ governance intestinal wind: jujube and burned ash, flavour of rice drink. ("One Hundred Elections")

⑥ Treatment of low back pain and leg pain in the elderly: Tang Zhizi, deer antler (sunburn) equally. For the end, the honey pill is big, one hundred pills per serving, two servings a day. ("Outline")
⑦ Treatment of cold and damp lower abdominal pain, swelling and pain in the outer kidney: fennel, persimmon. The first grade is divided into fines, one or two dollars per serving, salt, wine, hollow hot clothes. ("One Hundred Elections")

⑧ treatment of maternal lochia endless, abdominal pain, or pain in the child's pillow: Hundred Hawthorn, smashed decoction, a little sugar, hollow warm clothes. (Zhu Zhenheng)

Therapeutic effect

How to eat:

1. Honey Hawthorn:

Ingredients: hawthorn, honey.

Method: Wash the hawthorn, remove the fruit stalk, the core, put it in an aluminum pan, add an appropriate amount of water, cook until 7 is ripe, add honey when the water is dry, and cook it on a low fire to collect the juice. After cooling, put them in bottles and cans for storage.

Usage: Take daily.
Efficacy: appetizer, digestion, blood circulation. Treatment of coronary heart disease, persistent meat and diarrhea.

2.Hawthorn and jujube stewed yam

Materials: 280g yam, 6 candied dates, 6 hawthorn, 30g rock sugar, moderate amount of honey.

Method: Peel yam and cut the hob block, cut the candied dates, and slice the core of hawthorn. Boil yam into the pot, remove it until it is clear and set aside. Add another pot, add an appropriate amount of water, rock sugar, and add yam, jujube, and hawthorn. Then boil over high heat and simmer over medium-low heat until the soup is thick and the yam is cooked and turned off. Heat slightly and season with honey.

Efficacy: strengthening the spleen and stomach, nourishing the kidney and refining essence, nourishing the lungs and relieving cough, and lowering blood sugar.

3.Hawthorn silver flower soup
Ingredients: Take 30 grams of hawthorn, 6 grams of honeysuckle, and 20 grams of sugar.

Method: Put the hawthorn and honeysuckle in a spoon, stir-fry with gentle heat, add white sugar, stir-fry with low heat to make candied fruit, brew with boiling water, take one dose daily.

Efficacy: Hawthorn has the function of breaking qi and dispersing blood stasis, and Yinhua has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. The two flavors are used together, suitable for patients with cold and cold.

4.Hawthorn Shouwu Soup

Ingredients: Take 15 grams each of hawthorn and Polygonum multiflorum, 60 grams of sugar.

Method: Wash and chop hawthorn and Polygonum multiflorum first, add them into the pot together, add an appropriate amount of water, soak for two hours, and cook for about one hour, remove the slag and take the soup, take one dose daily, and take two warm servings.

Efficacy: Softens blood vessels and reduces blood lipids.

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