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questions :Difine ecological pyramids
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The principle of the ecological pyramid can be summarized by a very vivid but not strict metaphor: about 1,000 kilograms of phytoplankton can be transformed into 100 kilograms of zooplankton, while 100 kilograms of zooplankton can be transformed into 10 kilograms of fish, and 10 kilograms of fish are roughly human The food needed for a tissue that is 1 kilogram long. This rule is called the "tenth rule" and was proposed by the American biologist Lindeman. He once received the "big fish eat small fish and small fish eat shrimp in our country" , Shrimp eat plankton, plankton eat green algae. "And" Mantis catching cicadas, cardinals in the back "and other proverbs inspired by the concept of food chain, and inspired by the proverb" one mountain does not exist two tigers ", Propose the "tenth law" of matter and energy.The law states that in the ecological pyramid, the total energy flow is reduced once for each trophic level. The shorter the food chain, the less energy is consumed between the trophic levels, and the shorter the food chain, the more people can be fed...


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