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questions :bypass capacitor
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Capacitors that bypass high-frequency components in AC signals mixed with high-frequency currents and low-frequency currents are called "bypass capacitors."

The main function of the bypass capacitor is to generate an AC shunt, thereby eliminating those unwanted energy entering the susceptible area, that is, when a signal mixed with high and low frequencies is amplified by an amplifier, it is required to pass only a certain stage Low-frequency signals are input to the next stage without the need for high-frequency signals to enter, then an appropriate size ground capacitor is added to the input of this stage, so that higher frequency signals can be easily bypassed through this capacitor (this is because Capacitor has low impedance to high frequency), and the low frequency signal is sent to the next stage for amplification due to the large impedance of capacitor to it.
For the same circuit, the bypass capacitor is used to filter the high-frequency noise in the input signal, and the high-frequency noise carried by the previous stage is filtered, while the decoupling (also called decoupling) capacitor is to output the signal Interference as filtering objects.


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