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questions :Describe the key factors in designing organization structure
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(1) The enterprise system (individual, partnership, company system) is the primary factor in determining the organizational system. Among them, there are many corporate departments, so the management level is more complicated.

(2) The external environment of the enterprise, including macroeconomics, technology, culture, and the competitive environment in which the enterprise is located.

The most important thing is the uncertainty of the corporate environment. And its classification: uncertainty is mainly reflected by two factors, one is the complexity of the environment, and the other is the stability of the environment. These two factors are combined differently in the same matrix, that is, the four types of uncertainty that form the corporate environment:

(3) Business strategy:
Organizational content is the sum of organizational elements, which includes management subject, management object, organizational environment, and organizational purpose. Organizational content must be expressed in a fixed form, and isolated organizational elements that depart from a certain form of organizational content or a certain structure are non-existent and unimaginable. Some management books often regard organizational forms such as organizational structure and organizational system as the constituent elements of an organization. In fact, these are just the forms of organizational elements, that is, the organizational form.


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