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In the process of cognition, human beings rose from perceptual cognition to rational cognition, and abstracted and summarized the common essential characteristics of things they perceive. It is an expression of self-cognitive consciousness and forms conceptual inertia. The most basic building unit in the thinking system recognized by human beings.
Psychology holds that the concept is the reflection of the nature of objective things by the human brain, and this reflection is marked and recorded by words. Concepts are the results and products of thinking activities, and at the same time the units by which thinking activities are carried out. The linguistic form of a concept is a word or phrase. Concepts have connotations and extensions, that is, their meaning and scope of application. Concepts change with the development of social history and human cognition. National Standard of the People's Republic of China GB / T15237.1-2000: "Concept" is a unit of knowledge formed by a unique combination of features. German Industrial Standard 2342 defines a concept as "a unit of thought that reflects its common characteristics extracted from a group of things by using abstraction."
In a broad sense: the nature of things that can change the model is called the concept of things.


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